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In order to "Qualify" for the ICE-CREAM-A-THON, each participant must raise at least $60 for the National MS Society before the date of the event.  (NOTE:  We are limited to 60 Entrants this year)
On the day of the Event, you will be presented with an ICE-CREAM-A-THON pass (entitling you to three free ice creams at our ICE-CREAM-A-THON checkpoints), a Start Time, and a Route Map.
For 2024 we are sticking with our "home course" in Rockville, so we'll meet up at our usual location, in front of the Ben & Jerry's on East Montgomery Avenue next to the movie theater. (There is free parking in the government lot at the corner of Jefferson and Monroe). Please try to arrive by 12:45pm to register for the event. We will start our ice-cream-a-thon at Ben and Jerry's at 1pm and then walk about a mile to Lil Cakes and Creamery for stop 2, then walk back to finish at Marble Slab Creamery. Note:  WHEN WE SELL OUT - we will likely divide into two groups which will have a slightly different route.

At the shop, you will show your pass and get priority service as you select your first regular (or small) size treat.  Enjoy your treat, and head to the next "Checkpoint" on your route.

Again, get priority service, order your ice cream treat, enjoy, and head to check point 3.

After you have made it through all your check points, head back to the registration desk/tent for your finish line picture and to celebrate with all the other ice-cream-a-thoners!

Event Details

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