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About The Original Ice-Cream-A-Thon

The Ice-Cream-A-Thon was conceptualized during a family trip to the beach, where Adam and Laurie speculated about how much fun it would be to skip lunch, and just go shop to shop eating ice-cream, clearly a fantasy.  With their passion for fun fundraising events, however, the Ice-Cream-A-Thon charity event quickly evolved.

The Founders

​The Original Ice-Cream-A-Thon was founded by Laurie and Adam Hartman.  On their first wedding anniversary in June 1998, Laurie was struggling with multiple neurological ailments, and was ultimately diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 25.  Laurie and Adam have experienced the unpredictable and debilitating horrors of MS ever since and have proactively pursued fundraising to fight back against this disease.
In 2002, Laurie and Adam happily welcomed their daughter Becca into the world.  The birth came at a cost to Laurie who has been wheel chair bound ever since.  The added disability and the motivation to rid the world of MS before it can possibly affect their daughters continues to drive Laurie and Adam to raise as much money as possible to help find a cure for this debilitating disease.


Copyright and Use

The Original Ice-Cream-A-Thon is a unique concept and brand associated with the Hartman MS fundraising team.  However, as we love the idea of fun fundraising events, we encourage people to use this concept and event in their towns for charities close to their heart. 

The Ice-Cream-A-Thon name may not be used for any event that generates a personal profit, all proceeds after costs must be donated to a 501c or similar charity organization. 

If you do decide to use the Ice-Cream-A-Thon concept and name, please just send us an e-mail so that we are aware of your event, and good luck!

We are not responsible for any liability or damages that you generate while using the name or fundraising concept. 

Please note, the event name "The Original Ice-Cream-A-Thon" is for our use and purposes only.  All other events may use [Location/Charity Name] Ice-Cream-A-Thon.

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