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2014 Tournament Results


Hey, hey, another classic tournament is in the books. And another great result for the National MS Society. Thanks, as usual to everyone who participated, volunteered, and donated to this year's event. Once again, we raised over $2500 for the National MS Society. Thank you so much for this year, and the past DECADE where we have now raised more than $30,000 for the National MS Society. Pretty cool!

A quick thank you to everyone who helped make this year's tournament a success. Thank you to our volunteer dealers, Lee, Rick, and Robert. Thank you to our food runners and drink girl, David, Steph, Antonio, Laurie, and Becca. And of course, thanks to our great food sponsors:


As usual, we were ecstatic to host so many return players. It's great to see so many familiar faces that make it year after year, and even a few who return after a few year's absense. And a special mention to Dan for flying down from update New York just for the tourney!

Didn't make it to the tournament this spring, but still want to help out? Please use the Donation LInk below:


Tournament Highlights and Results

It was a perfectly cloudy day, so we hope that it wasn't too much trouble to spend the afternoon with us. It looked like almost everyone was having some fun. Similar to last year's tournament, the event lasted over 8 hours, starting at 2pm, and ending after 10:30pm.


Can you tell who the serious players are?


For the first two hours, it was all fun and games, even I got into the rebuy action (what? 7/2 is no good?), but after our food break, it was only serious business. Our first victim of the day, was the victim of two big hands in a row, but a good sport. I guess it had been too long since his last MS Poker Tourney.

First Out
Final Table

Final Table and Results

Like I said before, it took a while to get down to the final 9. And with all of the returning champions in the room, it was incredibly surprising that not a single returning champion made it to the final table! So, for the tenth annual tournament, a new champion would be crowned. Hey, what's that guy in the yellow shirt doing at the final table?

Final 3

There was a pretty high discrepancy between the big stacks and short stacks, so the final table moved towards the bubble quickly, and as the smoke cleared, everybody's favorite Runner Up was staying alive, fending off two large stacks, but once the bubble was popped, two players were left to fight for the title. (Excuse me if I get a little emotional here...) but, for only the second time in MS Poker history, the host was head's up for the title. Could this finally be my time to take home the trophy?


Well, for those who didn't stick around to the end, it wasn't all that exciting. Mike and I played heads up poker for over an hour with big pots about as frequent as sightings of big-foot. I started with a pretty decent chip lead (about 3:2), but couldn't do a lot of damage. And after a run of ice cold cards, I found myself on the wrong side of the chip lead. I continued to fight back with a few bursts of cards and agressiveness, but in the end, destiny was not on my side, and I went out the only way I know how - (going all in with 7/2 of course). Congrats to our 2014 Champion, and our third place finisher - hey and congrats to the MS Society (getting 2nd place prize money!)


3rd Place  Dan Gaies

2nd Place  Adam Hartman

Congratulations to the 2014 MS Poker Champion: Mike Bradecamp


Did you miss the 2014 MS Poker Tournament, but still want to get in on the action? Want to help fight MS, but need to spend some quality time with the family? Well, try our not-so-new family friendly fundraiser: The MS Ice-Cream-A-Thon! We host this event at the end of every summer - and you can register and get more information on our website:

Hall of Champions
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