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2023 Tournament Results


Once again, it is my privilege to say that this year was another great tournament.  It is always a great time, seeing everyone who supports our cause and having fun at the same time.  We had some usual craziness (thank you Table 2) and some amazing hands and some bad beats, but through it all we had another very successful fundraising day. Thanks to all of our great players and donors, we once again raised over $3100 for the National MS Society. Having all of our great friends and donors, all in great cheer, just really makes this such a memorable and awesome event, we really can't tell you how much we appreciate the support and the opportunity to host this event every year.

A quick thank you to everyone who helped make this year's tournament a success. Thank you to our volunteer dealers, David, Andi, Jeff, and Laurie. Thank you to our food runners, Erin and Jordan. And thank you to our great food sponsors:


Didn't make it to the tournament this spring, but still want to help out? Please use the Donation LInk below:


Tournament Highlights and Results

On to the tournament summary and highlights. The early going was certainly highlighted by some craziness at Table 2. We kicked off the tournament with the "standard" first hand 4-way!!! All-in pre-flop just for fun.  I actually had a hand, but didn't get lucky this year. Jeff took the early lead in the rebuy department early in the first level, but then Dee and I quickly caught up - but Dee would not be denied and came close to beating Drew's all-time record, ending the session with EIGHT (only because it was for charity!) Speaking of rebuys - we don't know what happened at Table 1, but they were incredibly shy for the first two rounds, but went into a frenzy right at the end of round three.


That's right - give yourselves a round of applause for being a good player!


Thanks again to Potomac Village Deli (Attman's), Papa Johns, and California Tortilla for bringing some great grub for the tournament, and thanks to Laurie, Jordan, and Erin for getting the food ready for the crew. After the relaxing break, it was time for the elimination period of the tournament.  Now the game gets serious and nobody wants to win the first trophy.  So, usually it takes a bad beat and this year "the ladies" made an appearance for Tom at a bad time...

First Out
Final Table

Final Table and Results

Per usual, it took a while to get down to the final nine, but eventually the cards did their job and we had a final table. This year, there were three returning champs and one first timer, but you never know what can happen. Bob and Scott joined the final table with big stacks courtesy of Table 2, but everyone had their sights set on the trophy and the final three prizes.


Interestingly, our previous champions were the first to exit the final table (maybe the lure of the cash game was just too strong) and by the time we reached the final 5, we knew that we would be crowning a new champion.  The action really slowed down and the chips just kept shifting around the table (this was truly a game of attrition this year).  But when Steve finally played his last hand, we were down to our final three (Bob, Learie, and Mary).  At first Bob appeared to have a good chip advantage, but Mary kept chipping away at his stack and soon, there were three even stacks for the final three.


A big showdown between Learie and Mary found Mary on the short end of the table and Learie taking the chip lead for the first time. Mary would soon be pushed out and it would be a back and forth duel between Bob and Learie.  Aggression and the cards were working for Learie as Bob seemed to come up short again and again. Finally with a huge A2 v 52 advantage, Bob thought that he was about to get back into the game, but the cards had a different idea...

Final 3

 Congratulations to our 2023 top finishers and new Champion!


3rd Place  Mary Thompson

2nd Place  Bob Morin

Congratulations to the 2023 MS Poker Champion: Learie McDonald


Did you miss the 2022 MS Poker Tournament, but still want to get in on the action? Want to help fight MS, but need to spend some quality time with the family? Well, try our not-so-new family friendly fundraiser: The MS Ice-Cream-A-Thon! We host this event at the end of every summer - and you can register and get more information on our website:

Hall of Champions

Hall of Champions
2023 Main Event Champion
Learie McDonald
2022 Main Event Champion
Gil Rocha
2019 Main Event Champion
Raj Durgam
2018 Main Event Champion
Jeff Sauder
2017 Main Event Champion
John Dye
2016 Main Event Champion
Jeff Sauder
2015 Main Event Champion
Cindy Albert
2014 Main Event Champion
Mike Bradecamp
2013 Main Event Champion
Mark Levengard
2011 Invitational Champion
Cindy Albert
2010 Main Event Champion
Bill Flanigan
2010 Invitational Champion
Steven Blomberg
2009 Invitational Champion
Dee Weiss
2008 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2008 Invitational Champion
Bill Flanigan
2007 Main Event Champion
Russell Shiflett
2007 Invitational Champion
Drew Roberts
2006 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2005 Main Event Champion
Ernie O'Green
2005 Invitational Champion
Howard Walsh
2004 Main Event Champion
Eric Gold
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