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2015 Tournament Results


What a great way to start the year! Thank you to all of our great donors and volunteers who helped us raise over $2300 for the National MS Society. This is going to be a great fundraising year.

A quick thank you to everyone who helped make this year's tournament a success. Thank you to our volunteer dealers, Angie, Tracie, Laurie, Lee, and David. Thank you to our food runners and drink girl, Sue, Helene, and Becca. And of course, thanks to our great food sponsors:


As usual, we had a great group of players for the tournament this year. We had three first timers, but the rest of the players were MS Poker Tournament regulars, and it was great seeing so many familiar faces. Thanks to all who came from near and far to join the festivities.

Didn't make it to the tournament this spring, but still want to help out? Please use the Donation LInk below:


Tournament Highlights and Results

This MS Poker Tournament lived up to the hype and expectations. The tournament started at 2pm, and lasted until almost 10pm. At least for Table 2, we got the rebuy action started early, as we had a three way all-in on the first hand, followed by 7 more hands, ALL of which featured at least one person all-in! (Yes, I'm guilty of two rebuys over a VERY short period of time, but it was for charity!)


It's always great to see so many familiar faces!


Table 2 wasn't the only table on the rebuy train. There was plenty of action in the first two hours of the tournament. Everyone was very generous, with several people racking up the rebuys (almost as many as me ;-). Fortunately, the food break came eventually, and saved me from having to dip into Becca's college fund for another rebuy. As a consolation for the multiple rebuys, we awarded the first out trophy to a hard luck player right at the end of the third round. Congrats? Dave...

First Out

Final Table and Results

Play continued at a high level from about 4:30 until about 8:30 before we had our final table. Lot's of great players, and lots of chips changed hands, but eventually, (after I bowed out in 10th place), we had a final table. One third of the final table were returning champions, so there was no doubt that it would be a challenge to take home the trophy.

Final Table

With all of the experience at the final table, and with the relatively large blinds, the small stacks either quickly became big stacks, or quickly became spectators. Before we knew it, one past champion was gone, and we were down to two former champions fighting it out against Antonio, looking to join the Hall of Champions.

Final 3

The final three newcomer didn't last long as he found a pocket pair that he hoped would put him into the chip lead, but unfortunately an over card paired up, and Antonio had to settle for a third place finish. Now it was down to two very seasoned poker players, one of whom would become a two-time MS Poker Champion. Steve and Cindy were not afraid to let the chips fly, as both played incredibly agressive heads up. Cindy started with a small chip lead, but soon built that up to a commanding lead. Just before 10pm, the tournament would be over as Cindy flopped bottom trips, and easily called Steve's all in. Congratulations to our top finishers, and everyone who played in this year's event!


3rd Place  Antonio Meza

2nd Place  Steve Blomberg

Congratulations to the 2015 MS Poker Champion: Cindy Albert


Did you miss the 2015 MS Poker Tournament, but still want to get in on the action? Want to help fight MS, but need to spend some quality time with the family? Well, try our not-so-new family friendly fundraiser: The MS Ice-Cream-A-Thon! We host this event at the end of every summer - and you can register and get more information on our website:

Hall of Champions
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